Inspection & Maintenance - Royal Borough of Greenwich - Villas Road

Inspection, Maintenance, Repairs and Refurbishments.


Case Study: Villas road, royal borough of greenwich

The Problem - 50k required

The side walls of the games area could not withstand the constant high useage by the local community. The fencing was also damaged and no longer fit for use. Maintenance was urgently required on the two entrance gates, and there would be an additional cost associated with the future upkeep of the gates.

IMG 1077  IMG 1077  IMG 1077 


The Solution - 19k approx. saving for the customer

KOMPAN met with the client on-site and carried out a full playground inspection of all the metal fencing. The findings identified that the end walls were robust and durable, however the side walls were no longer fit for use.

KOMPAN’s recommendation was to remove the side walls and replace them with durable, maintenance free fencing complete with four chicane entrances to replace the two existing gates.

This helped to reduce future costs of maintaining any gates and the chicanes allowed for easier access to the ball court. The suggested solution also included matching the colours of the lime green posts and forest green panels. The ball court is now a popular meeting point, and an asset for the local community, providing an oulet for outdoor sports and exercise.

IMG 9934  IMG 9934  IMG 9934 

Project Overview

Location: Greenwich, London

Date of Installation: November 2020

Project Cost: £31,000

Approx. Saving: £19,000




KOMPAN delivered a great colour match on the replaced post and posts. The ball court is safer now and will have a much longer life, I expect many years of service. Also this will provide a financial saving to the borough as due to removing gates and replacing with chicane entrances. This improvement is good for the borough and the community.


Andrew Eglington

Senior Environmental Works Officer

Inspection & Maintenance - Villas Road

Greenwich, London NW7 3HS, England