Inspection & Maintenance - Beckton District Park

Inspection, Maintenance, Repairs and Refurbishments.

Case Study: London Borough of Newham, Beckton District Park North

The Problem - 150k required

The park in East London had equipment that was installed some 15 plus years ago as well as other items of play equipment where the manufacturer could not be identified. This site would have required a budget circa £150K to replace and refurbish all items of play equipment as well as the damaged surfacing with new. 

With austerity cuts the council did not have this level of budget to replace the NEAP sized facilities that was widely used by the community. Some items of equipment had been put out of service as the council could no longer source the parts. The play area had also suffered some anti-social behaviour where an item of equipment had been set alight.

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The Solution - 90k approx. saving for the customer

KOMPAN met with the client and reviewed the annual inspection report undertaken independently on behalf of the council KOMPAN then sourced parts for the items that could not be found, in some cases retrofitting new parts to old items. Repairs to the safety surfacing were made to reduce trips and falls. 

Old timber swings were replaced with new lifetime guaranteed metal swings. Bridge ropes were replaced with new. Items of equipment were painted with long life metal preserving paint. Wear areas where wet pour was worn was replaced with coloured shapes with higher wearing rubber to that of black to increase life expectancy of the safety surface.

Project Overview

Location: Beckton, Newham, London

Date of Installation: March 2020

Project Cost: £60,000

Approx. Saving: £90,000




In the current economic climate it is difficult to find sufficient funding to do everything you would like to do. The play area in Beckton District Park North was in need of a complete overhaul but, due to budgetary constraints, we chose to refurbish rather than replace.

Following a tendering exercise we awarded the work to KOMPAN whom we worked with to deliver the much needed improvements. This has breathed new life into a tired facility and should extend the service life for several more years. I am satisfied with the work undertaken and the professional partnership working way that KOMPAN approached this project.


Tony Wyatt 

Infrastructure & Projects Manager Sport & Leisure (Community & Environment)