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Katherine Park, North Lanarkshire


Katherine Park, an open area surrounded by housing located in Airdrie, was in much need of a good sized play area to cater for all the neighbourhood children.


The council requested we work with the topography of the site to create a play area for all ages, zoned into play for children below 6 years, with a more active climbing and adventure zone for children above 6 years.


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Project Details


Project: Katherine Park

Location: Airdrie, North Lanarkshire, Scotland

Client: Culture NL – North Lanarkshire Council – Local Authority

Project Value: £95,000

Installed: April 2017

Age Range: 1+

Product Range: Moments/Elements/Corocord/3rd Party

Surfacing: Wetpour and grassmat






This was a non-traditional site for a play area due to the sloping nature of the park and existing trees making a very complicated and difficult site to try fitting standard items into. Being a play equipment manufacturer, our solution was rather than attempt to force traditional play equipment to fit, we instead worked with our design studio in Berlin and developed a bespoke Corocord item. Our vision was to create an urban adventure play area suspended above the ground with equipment that is more often found in a large scale destination park. The bespoke Corocord unit formed a varied climbing challenge above ground, between the trees, down the slope, and with the ultimate aim of reaching the 3m high feature slide.

A wheelchair friendly roundabout, multi-activity unit, swings and other traditional metal playground equipment can also be found here; offering a great variety of play value and activities, encouraging a range of child development skills.

Vibrant wetpour designs and half spheres brighten this play space and encourage imaginative play. Incorporating the multi-activity unit and Corocord unit colours within the wetpour design allows for a sleek finish to the park.

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Katherine Park, North Lanarkshire

North Lanarkshire, Airdrie , Scotland