KOMPAN Outdoor Fitness is Going on Tour!

Join KOMPAN this June as we travel across the UK on the Future of Outdoor Fitness roadshow. We're bringing KOMPAN's next generation outdoor fitness equipment to your doorstep so you can experience first-hand what distinguishes our kit from anything else currently available on the market. Come along to see our friendly team of experts demonstrate the difference between traditional outdoor fitness products and KOMPAN’s innovative range… You can even try it for yourself!


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map-04.png KOMPAN's Future of Outdoor Fitness roadshow will be hosted at various locations between the 6th – 24th June 2022. We invite you to book a slot at your most convenient location - we'll be there from 10am - 4pm daily!

The official tour dates are:

June 6th - Nottingham - Woodthorpe Grange 

June 7th - Leeds - John Charles Sports Centre

June 8th - Manchester - Heaton Park

June 9th - Redditch - Arrow Valley Country Park

June 13th - Newcastle - The Grand Hotel Gosforth Park

June 14th & 15th - Stirling - University of Stirling

June 16th - Carlisle - Bitts Park

June 20th - Bristol - Hengrove Park

June 21st - Camberley - Frimley Lodge

June 22nd - Grays Thurrock - Grays Beach Park

June 23rd - Cambridge - Abbey Leisure 

June 24th - Milton Keynes - Willen Lake

The event is FREE to attend, but spaces are limited. Be sure to secure your space in advance - we'd hate for you to miss out.


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Almost two decades have passed since the rise of outdoor gyms in the UK. However, most outdoor fitness equipment available is still the same ‘1st generation’ kit that has been sold since the 2000s! To put things into perspective, there have been 34 different iPhones released in that time. With advancements occurring in several areas of society, KOMPAN decided to revisit their outdoor fitness offering. The goal was to understand how outdoor fitness equipment could be further innovated to deliver a state-of-the-art exercise experience comparable to an indoor gym.

KOMPAN found that while the first generation of outdoor fitness products (including our own kit) replicated the look of indoor gym equipment, the product did not deliver the same quality of workout. The lack of resistance made it difficult to achieve anything more than light intensity exercise, even for less experienced users. With health institutions recommending 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity exercise per week, KOMPAN decided to develop a new generation of product that delivered the intensity of physical activity required to maintain healthier and happier communities.

After years of development and extensive performance testing at KOMPAN’s dedicated Fitness Institute, our next generation outdoor fitness equipment was born. Designed to deliver a progressive, comfortable, and effective workout for users of varying ages and abilities, KOMPAN’s outdoor fitness equipment is unlike anything currently available on the market. Come along to the Future of Fitness Roadshow to experience the KOMPAN difference for yourself.

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