Lister Park, Bradford

At a staggering 8 metres tall, the brand new GIANT at Lister Park, Bradford, is certainly causing a stir! The focal point of this £600,000 renovation project is just one of a multitude of exciting play equipment pieces that await visitors.



the brief

In developing the Lister Park play space, the council wanted to update the existing, out-of-date play area, however it was important that it was replaced with something that would be both engaging and educational to the local community.

They wanted a play area that would encourage children to get active and make them aware of their surroundings. The playground also needed to be accessible to all ages and abilities, which was taken into great consideration during the design phase.

Toddler and junior areas have been created with a flowing path in between equipment so that children can use it all from an early age right up to their teenage years.


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The playground has been designed to be fully age inclusive, has been extremely well received by all councillors, and proved to be exceptionally popular since its opening. People in the local communities are just amazed at the new play space. The council and KOMPAN developed a really good working relationship, having worked with them previously, and the Lister Park project was delivered on time and on budget.

The focus point is a fantastic 8m high GIANTS tower which stands proud in the middle of the playground. The heritage of the site has also been thought of, with the use of colours and graphics from the nearby Cartwright museum, which links the playground nicely into the surrounding area.


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Project Overview

Location: Bradford, West Yorkshire

Date of Installation: June 2021

Age Group: 2-14

Product Range: GIANTS, Cocowave, Zipwire , 3 bay swing, you & me swing, Spinner bowls, Wheelchair Carousel, Seesaws, Play tunnel, interactive play panels, Explorer Dome


Project Value: £600,000





I don’t like heights, but they (children) are so brave, and this is what young people want froma play area. It builds their confidence, and we want confident children. We are teaching them how they can expect to be engaged with and spoken with in the future.”


Councillor Ferriby

Portfolio holder for healthy people and places.

Lister Park, Bradford MBC

West Yorkshire, Bradford BD9 4NS, England