Meadowbank Playground Grand Opening

Published 23/08/16

When KOMPAN’s design proved to be the favourite following the submission of hundreds of voting forms by the public in March this year, the installation of Meadowbank Playground began!

Themed around the local features of Dorking you can dig in Betchworth Quarry, climb up Box Hill, jump on the stepping stones to cross the River Mole and climb to the highest point in the playground up the Leith Hill Tower and have sky high views of the newest attraction in Dorking - Meadowbank Playground!

The opening day, part of Dorkings Big Day Out, brought hundreds of families to the park to celebrate this memorable occasion for the town. Watch the video from the opening day.

The playground boasts a range of inclusive features for children of all ages and abilities. The 39 pieces of play equipment selected for the playground gives variety for the children and each product has its own play values and benefits.

Key products are:

  • Macro Spacenet
  • Tower with Tube Slide
  • Robinia Wood Trim Trail
  • Double Racing Zip Wire
  • Supernova
  • Wheelchair Trampoline
  • Tunnel with Bubble Window
  • Multi-Play Units
  • Springers, Swings and a spinner bowl

We hope that this magnificent playground is enjoyed for many years to come