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Mulberry Close Gym, Northumberland

Project Brief:

Following the successful KOMPAN playground installation at Mulberry Close, Blyth Town Council recognised the benefits of KOMPAN’s Life Course Solution concept and looked to add a fitness solution to cater for the teenagers and adults within the community.

Mulberry Gym 1.jpg


Project Overview

Project: Mulberry Close Outdoor Fitness Gym

Location: Blyth, Northumberland, Northern England

Client: Blyth Town Council – Local Authority

Project Value: £25,000

Installed: October 2016

Age Range: 13+

Product Range: Sport & Fitness – Cross system

Surfacing: Flexogrind




After analysing the area and budget it was decided that our award winning cross system would best suit this site. Offering a variety of outdoor fitness equipment pieces in one, this polyuria coated system is not only highly durable against wear and tear but offers an outstanding grip for users during their workouts. Ensuring user safety, the free moving weights are equipped with a magnetic breaking system, preventing weights from dropping to the surface and slows down the fall to a reduced pace.

A unique KOMPAN fitness app not only demonstrates how visitors can use the equipment but functions as an online personal trainer, motivating and guiding users on exercise and nutrition.

Able to accommodate 15 users at one time, this design is ideal for solo or group training and social interaction, training side by side in this compact area. The Mulberry Close outdoor fitness gym has been well received within the community and regularly sees personal trainers and fitness groups using their local facilities.


Mulberry Close Gym, Northumberland

Northumberland, Blyth NE24 3XR, England