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New Pirate & Castle structures


If ye playground be in dire need of an overhaul and barnacles have settled on your springers look no further than these amazing new ships from KOMPAN. Built on a rock solid structure equipped with a host of adventurous activities both topside and below deck you will find all you need for kids to create their own high seas adventures right here. Below deck and accessible to the generally younger audience you’ll find numerous activities built around the Stay and Develop factors that allow kids to pass time while confined to the brig – or searching for treasure below the surface of the sea or in the cargo hold. Above deck your little brigands can swing from the deck with all the rush and excitement provided by our trackride or have them scale the ropes to take our exhilarating more than 6 meter long steel slide.

With all the stuff to explore and try, the stories can go far and wide across the seven seas! Expect your little pirates to try all their parlaying skills when negotiating if they can stay for just a few more minutes. And who knows even all you landlubber grownups could end up being carried away by the high tide of seafaring adventure and fun. Built from recycled and recyclable materials that are durable and maintenance free, expect your seafaring adventures to be safe and reliable – and for the ships to look great for years to come.



A KOMPAN castle is no cause for distress – be you damsel or otherwise! Get ready for action and adventures fit for Queen and King! Packed with fun on all levels, stories, nooks and crannies! Explore the dungeons, prisoncells and caves below – or swing from the ramparts to defend your castle from the dragon.  Climb the giant spider web in the cavern below the massive keep or sign up for guard duty as you patrol the ramparts keeping an eye out for the Robin Hood and his band of rogues. In the cellars you’ll find loads of activities built around our Stay and Develop concept – redesigned and configured to support all sorts of role-playing action and fun. 

From the ramparts you can swoop across the moat using anything from a slide to our super fun track ride. And just as importantly we have whole complement of nets and climbing activities ready for you to scale the castle walls as you sneak into the castle to meet the wizard and steal away his formula for gold! From the smallest gatehouse to the largest keep KOMPAN castles can accommodate every site and age range and provide countless hours of fairy tales and adventures – all while you can rest assured that the maintenance free products made from recycled and recyclable materials keeps your KOMPAN castle safe, reliable and good as new for years to come.

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