Newbridge High School

When Newbridge High School wanted to uplift their playground area to match the excellent facilities the children currently enjoy, something special was going to be required.

Project Brief:

As a leading school within the district, Newbridge High School wanted something that challenged the children, but also showed them to be progressive in the selection of their playground equipment. The school is synonymous with sport within the community, so this was also an important consideration when KOMPAN were invited to propose a range of equipment that would be appropriate.

Project Overview

Location: Coalville, Leicestershire

Date of Installation: February 2016

Age Group: Secondary

Product Range: Galaxy

Surfacing: Bonded Rubber Mulch

Project Value: £56,000




The Result:

KOMPAN provided an innovative range of really exciting equipment for the children to play on, including the Bloqx 6 and one of the galaxy play structures. In addition and certainly unique, KOMPAN provided curriculum compliant creative lesson plans based around the equipment that also allows the children to take their learning outside.



“I really thought that the Year 8 and 9 children would be too old for this and possibly wouldn’t use it. I have to admit, they love it. We rotate use across the year groups, and if I’m late to open the area up at playtimes, then they let me know about it!”


Paul Osbourne, Site Manager  

Newbridge High School