Newhall Park Primary School

Newhall Park Primary approach KOMPAN with a vast playground space, but with nothing in it. Having discovered that they could have spent thousands of pounds over the years on replacing lost bean bags and loose resources, they realised that they should invest in solid, bold, substantial equipment which was of high quality so it would last and be of real benefit to children for years to come.

Project Brief:

Newhall wanted to make a real difference in their playground so that they could stand out from other schools in the area. They therefore wanted to develop the space in a way which gave the children at school different experiences and physical challenges, through dynamic urban products.

Project Overview

Location: Bradford

Date of Installation: April 2015

Age Group: Primary

Product Range: Galaxy

Project Value: £20,000





The Result:

Newhall now have a lovely outdoor environment for the children making use of the vast playing space. Galaxy products, the Bloqx and Supernova were installed which not only have huge play and social values but also come with curriculum compliant teaching materials so students can learn maths whilst they are playing. The equipment is used each and every break time by the children and also before and after school by a wraparound care team.

 “The Supernova is my favourite, everyone wants to use it and it’s great to play with my friends on it.”

Megan – Year 3

“I like it because you can get up really high and watch the football over the other side of the playground”

Zidane – Year 4

“Me and my friends climb up there and relax in the sunshine. Sometimes we’re allowed to take our fruit up there if Miss says so”

Faye – Year 4

“It’s wicked when me and my friends can go on the Supernova. We take it in turns to see who can push the others round the fastest. We have used it in science lessons when we were learning about Aerodynamics. We had different sized bits of paper to hold above our heads to see if we went slower or faster – that was fun!”

Lewis – Year 5





“The most important thing for us when choosing a supplier was the confidence that we were dealing with a quality company who manufactured quality products and that was KOMPAN. They offer really WOW products that you simply can’t get anywhere else !

Our local consultant was really knowledgeable and a delight to work with, she really helped us to see how we could maximise our initial budget with scope to develop further phases over time as budget allows. Our only regret is that we didn’t initially buy another 2 Supernova’s as the one we have is so popular but they are on our Phase Two shopping list! We will definitely recommend KOMPAN to any school and look forward to working with KOMPAN again on our next phase of development.”


Miss Baker - Business Manager

Newhall Park Primary School