No Play, No Gain

Published 27/09/17

Leisure is one of the world’s largest industries with the volume of visitors ever increasing, but along with this burgeoning growth comes an increased choice of destinations as people have recognised the value of visitor attractions. In a highly competitive environment, there is a high demand for marketers to evoke the perfect image of their attraction to potential visitors, images that conjure up wonder and excitement … this is where KOMPAN step in!

With more and more people being persuaded to holiday within the UK, portraying the optimum image and environment for consumers is critical to increasing footfall and secondary spend. A great experience is what differentiates you from the competition and makes your customers rush to recommend you to their friends.

Times are changing, retail companies that were born online are now turning to physical shops in order to boost their sales - Amazon is now planning to open 300 physical book stores. What's more, John Lewis has started placing arcade games in-store - a powerful strategy to boost foot traffic!

KOMPAN had fun in the forefront of their mind when they were asked to provide play experiences for IKEA. In one store we created an indoor crèche, comprising of multi-coloured play structures, soft play units and a strong animal theme to create an immersive environment for toddlers.

At another store, we created a colourful outdoor oasis that inspires kids to play outside whilst their parents can enjoy the indoor shopping experience.

Big or small, the importance of play should not be unappreciated. Stores can also utilise our smaller MOMENTS play units which have the versatility to be placed in most stores, car showrooms or hotels, giving families another compelling reason to visit.

Retailers are now locked in a battle with "mega sites" for new customers, so providing the best customer experience is a game-changing factor for the retail business. If shopping centres can focus on inspiring children to play, selling an experience over purely fashion, then they can gain the competitive advantage.

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