Our promise

Play is instinctively human. When we’re children, play is how we have fun, learn, socialise and are physically active. As we get older, it’s really the same – play is key to a long and happy life.

Through our inventions, we have set new global standards for ways to play, seeking to create the world’s best playground and sport & fitness solutions.

We do this because we have a passion to create healthier and happier communities by inspiring people across the world to play more.

We do it the KOMPAN way, where product development is based on thorough research, extensive user involvement, and close collaboration with experts through the KOMPAN Play Institute. We then tailor the right products for the specific user and customer requirements. This creates products that motivate people of all ages and abilities to play more, be more physically active, and learn and socialise more – while always having fun.

We never compromise on safety and our choice of the highest quality materials creates extremely durable solutions that stand the test of time and weather. We are also conscious that our designs should be beautiful – both in their own right and as a contribution to their architectural and natural surroundings.

Today, digital technologies change the way we live our lives. This includes the why, how and where we play and are physically active as individuals, families, and communities. We take responsibility for driving this change, as we have historically – to continuously lead the industry and reinvent play for everyone’s benefit.


Let’s play!