Owen Square Park Bristol

Owen Square Park on the outskirts of Bristol city centre required a modern activity net climber to replace the existing tired climbing structure.

Project Brief

Bristol City Council turned to KOMPAN for a modern and exciting climbing system that would regenerate the play area when Owen Square Park's popular climbing frame became tired and in need of a replacement. It also requested that KOMPAN dispose of the old frame.

Project Overview

Location:  Kilburn St, Bristol BS5 6AW

Date of Installation: June 2016

Age Group: 5 - 16 years old

Product Range: Corocord Explorer Dome

Surfacing: Bark

Project Value: £45,000





The Result

The old play net was a simple pyramid shape that had come to the end of its life. It had been suitable only for a few younger children whereas KOMPAN's new and much larger explorer dome is designed to accommodate many more players simultaneously.

The new explorer dome, suitable for children aged five and up, has multiple features to encourage high activity and physical challenges such as climbing, sliding, balancing and rocking. The system boasts low-level access and layered play opportunities while fitting perfectly into the existing space.

"The KOMPAN team were efficient and helpful, supportive of the changing dynamics on the site and flexible with regard to their approach and response to the fluid nature of the project.

Children of a much wider range of ages and abilities will enjoy the new dome - its much greater volume and variety of exciting activities allows many more players to join in the fun, while its low level access points and layered-play opportunities make it particularly inclusive and accessible."

Dan Judges, Project Officer