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A playground is so much more than just a way of entertaining children. It’s an outdoor play hub for socialisation, development and growth. That’s why, here at KOMPAN, we have spent years researching and testing our playground equipment; continually optimising our outdoor play so that you and your children only receive the best experiences.

Through our research, we have set new global standards for ways to play, innovating new products including the springer and the award-winning Supernova. No matter what type of play you’re looking to include, we have a playground equipment solution that is specifically designed to promote all aspects of child development and support growth.

Explore our comprehensive range of playground equipment below and utilise our specialist expertise to create the perfect playground experience for your children.

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Free Playground Equipment Services

KOMPAN solidified itself as a world leader not solely because of our innovative products, but because we tailor our service to you. Our playground equipment specialists are always on hand to offer you focused and bespoke advice based on your personal requirements. We know that planning, buying and installing a new playground is a challenging process, which is why we offer this free of charge support at every step of your journey with us.

The Playground Design Step

If you’re just getting started with your enquiry, KOMPAN's expert team are happy to engage in a free consultation with you to clarify your needs. From here, we will gladly draft some playground design concepts and assist you in the initial planning stage.

Playground design requires a clear understanding of space, budget and a strong theme. A range of playground ideas can start to bring your play spaces to life, however, professional execution of these ideas can truly make for a magical play area.

Project Management and Progression

After the initial planning, our free support transfers to the project’s details. We are happy to assist you with finalising your playground design, offering full pricing and visuals that will aid you when presenting the project to others. Similarly, we can help you produce your finalised quote specification to clarify and finalise any remaining variables, kickstarting your project. During the installation and practical stages of your playground’s implementation, we will supply you with a designated KOMPAN Contract Manager, who will meet with you and assist you in managing your project through to completion.

Post-Project Support

After the hard work has been done and your new playground is installed, we continue our free support further, from offering an opening event package to organising your warranty and supplying you with online tools to help you make the most of your new playground.

KOMPAN firmly believes in the benefit of a quality playground filled with exceptional play equipment, which is why we will do everything we can to help you succeed; from planning, to funding, to installation and beyond. KOMPAN stand out from other playground suppliers, we ensure that every step of the journey and even after is supported by the UK’s top playground equipment company.

Bespoke Children's Outdoor Playground Equipment

As part of our mission to provide the best themed play equipment to our customers, we also offer a bespoke playground equipment service that can be tailored to your setting and needs. We understand the importance of having a playground that is suitable for your specific situation, which is why we created the Kompan Design Studio.

The KOMPAN Design Studio is a specialist unit filled with highly experienced designers, architects and engineers. It is their purpose is to create unique and personalised playground equipment that’s tailored to you. Some of the experts within our Design Studio team have over 25 years of experience working on playgrounds, enabling them to take your vision and turn it into a safe, fun and effective reality.

No matter the size or specifications of your project, our team can help.

Research-Backed Products

KOMPAN doesn’t just create fun equipment that children enjoy. It’s our mission to ensure that each of our products assists in all areas of child development, from social skills to physical endurance. We have spent the last 45 years researching and analysing the effectiveness of our products, continually improving upon our successes. Whether that is for commercial playground equipment or bespoke play areas, KOMPAN is always looking for the next way to optimise our services.

This knowledge has culminated in the founding of the KOMPAN Play Institute, a specialist research centre that collects data on our products and on how children grow through play. Exceptional playground equipment has the power to assist a child in every element of their development process, pushing their physical limits whilst encouraging exploration, discovery, learning and social interaction. Each and every one of our products, from our standard range to our bespoke offerings are designed with the Kompan Play Institute’s research in mind, ensuring scientifically-backed quality.

Along with improving our own products, the KOMPAN Play Institute is a world leader in child development through play, and we use this knowledge to push the playground equipment industry to innovate and grow. It’s our goal to use our knowledge to help children, families and communities interact, grow and develop together.

Our range of playground equipment is designed to cater for your every need. Assisting you in creating a playground that will truly blow people away. Whether you’re a local council aiming to equip one of your community spaces, or a school seeking age-appropriate playground equipment, we have something that can help.

By clicking on the relative equipment range above, you can find out more about the products we have available. However, if you’re still a little unsure, please don’t hesitate to get in touch or discover more through our case studies.

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