Playground Openings August 2017

Published 19/09/17

What do jugglers, contour slides and Sir Trevor Brooking all have in common?

They all featured at KOMPAN playground openings last week!

The only thing better than creating playgrounds is seeing them in action.

This week we have seen even more fantastic playgrounds and have had a lot of fun seeing communities, schools and companies enjoying their new play spaces. From jugglers and five way swings, to football pitches and Sir Trevor Brooking check out photos from the openings below:

Contour slides in Chelmsford:

Jugglers and five way swings at Rose Avenue Weldon near Corby

Sir Trevor Brooking opening a new West Ham inspired MUGA at St Edwards School Upton Park:

Most holiday parks or leisure environments have some sort of playground, what is lacking is a play solution that can inspire, entertain and keep customers engaged. With the likes of zoos and farms already offering pony rides, tractor rides and cute pigs, it may lead them to think "why do we need to offer anything more?" This is where they are missing out; offering another level of adventure and play connects with children's natural instinct to have fun and inspires even more visits than before.

With this insight, KOMPAN develops unparalleled play structures that wow, inspire and encourage children to play. We are passionate about giving children the best play experience possible and in turn, giving owners the greatest revenue. We have created a range of play products, natural, vibrant, interactive and classic to offer customers something unique to their business. Each playground combines entertainment, excitement and leisure in a way that heightens the family experience. As well as play towers, ropes and bridges, we have towering pirate ships and extra-large castles that make staggering centrepieces for the perfectplay-cation.

If you would like some inspiration for your next leisure project, view our leisure page here.