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Agility Package 40

The Agility Package 40 is an exciting balancing and climbing experience that children want to try out, again and again. The bouncing ropes respond to the child's movements, adding an element of uncertainty and demanding concentration in every step. The Acrobat's Wire walking is great training of the sense of balance, which is basic for being able to sit still on a chair and concentrate. The Shaking Pods Rope adds a less demanding balancing option, that also train cross-coordination. The Prism bounces in response to your movement, so children have to use logical thinking to climb through or over the loop. The top ropes and shaky pods can be used as seats where children can sway with their friends before venturing off to explore the rest of the trail.

Agility Package 40



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Product number: COR10400

Art: Agility Nets

Series: COROCORD™ Rope Playground



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