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At KOMPAN, our Corocord Play Domes are more than a piece of rope playground equipment, they’re incredible landmarks. The play ropes are perfect for kids from 6-12 years old. Every Corocord Play Dome has an incredible wow factor. Many children can use our climbing ropes safely at one time. They also feature net layers below the climbing ropes to add an extra layer of protection.

Our Corocord Play Domes are unique and creative designs of rope playground equipment. Children will only be able to play on most playground equipment in one way. The Corocord Play Dome offers a variety of play opportunities for kids of a range of ages. This is why they stand out on any playground in the world.

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Our Play Domes offer physical, cognitive, and social benefits for children – not only fun and excitement. We offer Play Domes in a range of different sizes, as well as with different playground equipment features. These include bounce pads and rope suspension bridges. This is why are play domes are so unique and engaging to children.

At KOMPAN, our team can offer bespoke rope playground equipment that will match your creative ideas. We offer Corocord Domes in different sizes and features to fit all play area needs. We offer incredible play structures that can be a centrepiece for any play area. We also offer smaller Play Domes and rope climbing frames that will add to your existing playground equipment.

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