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Crystal Sphere

The eight legged, spider-like Crystal Sphere hugely excites children. Its webs and climbing opportunities will attract children to come back to play again and again. The interconnected nets and rubber ladders offer fun and challenging climbs: when one child moves it affects all the other climbers in the huge, bouncing web of nets. The Crystal Sphere caters for a lot of children to play at the same time. Apart from being great fun, the Miracle Sphere trains of all major muscle groups and fundamental motor skills: all muscles are in use when clinging onto the ropes or climbing up high. Important motor skills such as cross-body coordination and spatial awareness are trained. These skills are fundamental for example when judging distances and managing traffic securely. The swaying web calls for consideration and turn-taking, social-emotional skills learned in play in the Crystal Sphere.

Crystal Sphere

Light Blue/Blue


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Product number: COR88200

Art: Domes & Arches

Series: COROCORD™ Rope Playground



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