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Fishing Net with Crows Nest

This spectacular 'WOW' play structure has something for everyone, and will attract people who want to explore, challenge themselves, and enjoy the thrill of an adventure. This carefully designed structure has graduated challenges built in, which keep children and adults playing for a longer periods of time. Because of the numerous challenges built in there are opportunities for high climbs providing tests of agility, offering the reward of a lookout from the crow's nest and a slide back to the bottom to start again. Children can really challenge themselves and play is supported across many age ranges with the levels of challenging activities available. The children and adults will use their imagination ensuring that they stay and play, again and again!

Fishing Net with Crows Nest



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Product number: COR26700

Art: Netscapes

Series: COROCORD™ Rope Playground



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Our aim is threefold: to create a WOW reaction that stimulates a desire to STAY and, through play physically and mentally, DEVELOP - learn more in our video about play.


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