Sky Play

A Sky Play structure is an entire playground in one play structure. Creating the ultimate WOW factor, a sky play structure stands out as a unique landmark and creates attention and curiosity, encouraging visitors to come closer and explore!

To get to the top you have to climb through a net before reaching the sky cabins at the peak of the structure. Here children will feel the achievement and self-confidence of getting to the top and overlooking the surrounding area. The sky cabin can act as a meeting point or a hide-away in which imaginative play takes place.

Sliding down is the final thrill of any of the Sky Play structures. The strenuous climb is rewarded by a thrilling tunnel journey back down to the ground, making the children want to climb it all over again.

This three-dimensional universe has endless possibilities of joyful play and can keep children engaged for hours while developing their creativity and physical skills together with friends.

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