Our rope play provides kids with sky-high play activities 

At KOMPAN, we’re passionate about designing exciting adventure playgrounds. One of the biggest parts of our play equipment is our climbing nets. A rope net for climbing is an exciting way for kids to enjoy their time on the playground. Kids can climb the rope ladders to scale the climbing frame and reach an unforgettable view from the sky.

Our KOMPAN climbing ropes are also known as Spacenets. The iconic Spacenets design was invented and developed by the Berlin architect Conrad Roland in 1971. Today, Spacenets stand as expressive icons all over the world. They allow children of all ages to experience new heights, develop skills, and grow in confidence. 

Our climbing frames and play ropes are strong and sturdy. This means they’re durable so kids can enjoy them for years to come. Our rope playgrounds use dynamic colours to engage children’s imaginations. Making them ideal for use in a school adventure playground or park.


The KOMPAN team are devoted to offering unique designs.

Our range of Spacenets includes exciting scramble nets and climbing nets. As well as bridges, trampolines, and slides. This is why Spacenets are so popular around the world. They create a complete rope playground equipment that kids of all ages will love.

At KOMPAN, we offer bespoke equipment designs. This is why our Spacenets can fit a variety of unique play areas. We’re passionate about creating a positive play environment for kids. This is because a play area should be exciting, fun, and have educational benefits.

Very few play areas encourage kids to play together like our Spacenet. The climbing structure creates a vibrant and inclusive adventure experience. Spacenets open up a wide range of ways for kids to interact and play. Such as climbing, sliding, and balancing.

Lots of children can climb on the nets at once while remaining safe and secure. This allows parents peace of mind because they can trust in our Corocord Spacenets. These structures all kids to develop their physical skills in a safe play environment. From Mini Spacenet to gigantic four-mast Spacenets, every piece of play equipment entices climbers to the top.

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