Outdoor Music & Learning Equipment

Outdoor playground musical instruments and learning panels are often overlooked in modern playground design but have a lot of untapped potential from a child development perspective. As one of the only unrestricted spaces that children get to enjoy, the playground plays a major role in how young minds grow and learn. To this end, incorporating playground instruments and learning panels that can help stimulate this development is a big part of making your playground as successful and effective as possible.

Suitable for all ages and extremely adaptable, it’s difficult to go wrong with outdoor learning panels whether you are using them for specialist sensory play or as a general playground game, these choices are extremely useful for schools and community spaces alike. Explore KOMPAN's extensive collection today or for tailored advice built around your project, get in touch with our dedicated team.

Outdoor musical panels for playgrounds, schools and early years spaces are incredibly effective at achieving this. In the UK, outdoor musical instruments and playground panels have seen a rise in popularity due to their effectiveness at encouraging abstract thought and creativity – two soft skills that are extremely difficult to teach and can only really be learnt naturally.


Alongside musical playground equipment, it’s important to recognise the value and impact of dedicated educational equipment too. Kompan’s Manipulative Panel is designed to straddle the balance between fun, engaging design and informative learning exercises.

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