Play Panels

That little extra for fun, play and learning

In free play, children learn by following their natural instinct to play and thereby develop fundamental human skills.

With KOMPAN’s play panels, you can add an extra dimension to learning through play. The panels can help you guide the child’s learning towards specific topics.

The panels allow adults to join the play and guide the children towards learning new things. E.g. through drawing on the chalkboards, playing together on the music panels or by planting a little seed in the vegetable garden box and follow it as it grows. KOMPAN’s play panels allow you to design your own learning area that fits your vision.

Outdoor musical panels for playgrounds, schools and early years spaces are incredibly effective at achieving this. In the UK, outdoor musical instruments and playground panels have seen a rise in popularity due to their effectiveness at encouraging abstract thought and creativity – two soft skills that are extremely difficult to teach and can only really be learnt naturally.

Alongside musical playground equipment, it’s important to recognise the value and impact of dedicated educational equipment too. Kompan’s Manipulative Panel is designed to straddle the balance between fun, engaging design and informative learning exercises.

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