Playhouses & Themed Play

KOMPAN’s range of open and colourful playhouses intrigue and draw in even the youngest of toddlers. The open ends widen the play space allowing for many children to socialise or make new friends both on the inside and outside. Themed play elements and numerous play activities encourage children to create their own stories and adventures where their imagination can run wild which in turn helps to stimulate language development and cognitive play.

With a small footprint, playhouses are suitable for any playground environment regardless of whether it is in a country park, school playground, nursery, campsite or shopping centre.

Our playhouses are available in hardwood Robinia, steel, pine and HDPE. The hardwood Robinia range offers a more natural and organic play theme, with a sweeping roof and varying heights, this range is ideal in bringing a more natural setting to any playground. The Moments Mini (PCM) range is customisable, you can choose from steel or hardwood posts and select from 9 play panels tailoring the playhouse to suit your requirements.

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