Sand & Water Play

Sand and water play equipment

Incredibly popular across the globe - and for good reason. More than anything else, sand and water provide truly imaginative playground experiences that help young minds develop multiple soft skills at once; all whilst, importantly, playing and enjoying themselves.

Striking the balance between fun, engaging playground activities and promoting development opportunities for the children is what makes the difference between a good playground and a great one. At KOMPAN, we strive to produce durable, high-quality playground spaces that assist in cognitive and physical development through the medium of play.

KOMPAN’s sand and water stations are specifically designed to entice and excite whilst allowing for all manner of developmental play. Explore our vast range of options below or get in touch with a member of our team and we will gladly offer you personalised bespoke suggestions.

Our sand play equipment and water stations epitomise this approach to playground design. Together, sand and water enable a host of creative opportunities as children build, destroy and rebuild structures and shapes. Enabling imagination-driven experiences like this is key to allowing creativity to flourish.

On top of the creative aspect of sand and water play equipment, they also create a safe platform to explore the world and become accustomed to unusual sensations. Sand, water and wet sand all have very different textures and behave very differently to one another. For a young mind, these wildly different sensations can be unusual or even uncomfortable, but by presenting them in the form of a play opportunity, it becomes easy and normal for them to interact and enjoy themselves. Building confidence when confronted with unusual experiences is a key life skill that begins developing at a very early age and at a primitive level, the sand and water play experience can assist with this massively.

What’s more, sand play equipment, in particular, can be very cooperative and promote group play. Again, these experiences at a young age can help develop key social and communication skills which young minds will take into the future, benefitting them greatly in the long run.

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