Seesaws are a core aspect of almost every playground. Instantly recognisable, surprisingly simple and loved by all, seesaw playground equipment is varied and engaging, grabbing the attention of children and providing a great avenue for play.

Most consider playground seesaws as strictly two-person affairs but over time, they have developed to enable larger group play. Three and four-seat seesaws are now very common, with many including middle panels to enable larger groups to play together. This is extremely important from a cognitive development perspective, as one of the most valuable aspects of seesaw play is how it challenges and promotes the development of social skills, communication and cooperation.

If you are looking to refurbish or install a playground space, including a seesaw is a brilliant way of amplifying your new playground’s effectiveness and popularity. Explore our range of available options below, or if you would like suggestions tailored to your needs, feel free to contact our dedicated team today.

A playground is an incredibly valuable space from a child development perspective, as it is one of the only environments where young minds are able to challenge themselves and engage with other’s their age without direct adult supervision. This is why intelligent playgrounds create opportunities for children to combine play with learning opportunities, helping them grow and develop skills naturally. At KOMPAN, this goal lies at the centre of everything we do and all of our playground equipment designs.

Aside from cognitive challenges, our seesaw playground equipment also offers physical tests. Testing leg strength and balance are both essential motor skills for children to learn and become accustomed too. Combined with the foreign sensation of rising into the air, seesaws create a completely new experience for children to enjoy and simultaneously learn from. This is a huge aspect of why seesaws are popular with children and playground designers alike; they combine the best of both worlds.

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