Playground Slides

A playground slide is what people think of when they imagine a playground. They fit in with both modern and classic playgrounds. Since they were invented, they have been the most popular playground equipment. And for good reason!

Playground slides are the equipment that children are immediately drawn to. Think back to when you were a kid, how the slide seemed impossibly tall and it felt like you were sliding down at 100 mph. This is why playground slides are timeless.

Playground slides can transform a bland playground into a creative and imaginative space. A slide is where a child can play, have fun, and add new skills to their early development. Is this something your playground can miss out on?

At KOMPAN, we specialise in designing and creating playground equipment that combines engaging exercise with cognitive development opportunities for children. We create all our designs after detailed test-runs and research. This is how we know we are providing exciting playground items that also offer educational benefits. At a reasonable price.

We craft our playground slides out of either:


Stainless Steel

We use the highest quality materials when designing any of our playground equipment, not only our playground slides. This is to ensure our products are durable and are guaranteed to provide a fun experience for kids for years to come!

KOMPAN’s range of playground slides is the perfect way to add an exciting way for kids to learn new skills. At an affordable price. Explore our variety of options below or get in touch with our team for bespoke advice tailored to your project.


KOMPAN’s range of playground slides come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colours. Have a look through the wide range we offer. You are sure to find equipment that engages children’s creativity and imagination. As well as equipment that fits in with the look of your playground.

At KOMPAN, we design all our products to have benefits for a child’s development. Our playground slides help improve children’s:

Spatial awareness

Core Muscle Strength


All key physical skills that are vital for early childhood development.

The aim of our stand-alone slides is to engage kids’ imaginations and creativity. This is what will make them want to play on the slide, this is what will make it fun. And help kids gain the amazing physical and cognitive benefits that come from playgrounds. And sliding!

KOMPAN’s primary aim is to make sure kids are having a fun experience safely. The high panel on our playground slides is one of the ways we ensure our slides are safe. While also providing a great lookout point. An embanked plastic or stainless-steel metal slide is the ideal way to increase safety without sacrificing any of the fun.

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