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Slides are a staple of both modern and classic playgrounds alike. For years, they have dominated the playground environment and for good reason! Children are immediately engaged by the sensation that sliding provides, which, balanced with the education and growth prospects provided by this particular piece of playground equipment, is a key aspect of any playground space.

At KOMPAN, we specialise in creating playground solutions that combine fun, engaging exercises and activities with core physical and cognitive development opportunities. Backed by detailed test-runs, we craft each of our plastic and stainless steel slides for playgrounds to be durable, long-lasting equipment options that consistently engage young minds.

Whatever your needs or requirements, KOMPAN’s range of play park slides are able to provide your playground with great development opportunities and an attractive, enticing equipment solution. Explore our variety of options below or get in touch with our team for bespoke advice tailored to your project.

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From an aesthetic perspective, our play park slides come in a range of different shapes, sizes and colour schemes, helping you create an attractive space that suits your young audience. From a developmental standpoint, KOMPAN’s playground slides train spatial awareness, core muscle strength and balance; all of which are key physical skills that children rely on. Additionally, the experience of travel, particularly through the medium of play, helps young minds understand motion, how it relates to their own body and how to engage with it safely. It’s subliminal lessons like these that promote hypothetical thought and empathy, helping boost both academic achievement and social skills.

KOMPAN's stand-alone slides offer numerous play activities. Whether the children use the slide or play hide and seek underneath it, imagination is the only limit. The high panels offer a great sense of security and form the perfect lookout point. KOMPAN’s embanked plastic and stainless steel slides are ideal if you want to reduce the risk of falling and add an extra layer of safety to the whole experience.

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