KOMPAN's decades of experience in playground design and installation were founded on the playground springer. Our Crazy Hen springer was the world’s first play design to deliver a fun and more functional alternative to the traditional seesaw, offering the opportunity for children to play and enjoy themselves at all times.

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The playground springers that we helped innovate are now a staple of the school playground environment and for good reason. Eye-catching and enticing, springers are designed to immediately grab the attention of the children and draw them. It’s this natural attraction that plays a major role in the effectiveness of any play equipment, which is why springers continue to dominate the playground environment and remain a top choice for schools and community hubs alike.

The innate attractiveness of playground springers isn’t their only advantage though. At Kompan, we strive to produce fun play equipment that balances attractiveness with effective development opportunities. Our springers embody this philosophy by giving children the platform to test themselves and develop multiple skill sets through play.

Physically, springers help develop key gross motor skills surrounding balance and weight management. Whilst most time on a springer is spent sitting, the balancing skills that are practised can quickly translate and help with walking, running and sporting ability both immediately and in the future.

Additionally, the rocking motion that springers provide is extremely unique, helping young minds become accustomed to new sensations and offering a healthy platform for them to adapt and learn how their actions affect the wider world. It’s softer cognitive skills like this that subliminally encourage children to challenge themselves, test their potential and thrive in the face of adversity; habits which play a massive role in future achievement and attainment.

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