Of all play activities, swinging is a playground favourite.

There are a wide range of classic A-Frame swing sets to choose from to suit your playground, these come in steel, pine, hardwood or robinia. Or you can create your own custom A-frame swing, or choose from our more unique swing options such as the CocoWave Pendulum SwingGiant Birds Nest Swing or Five-Way Swing.

Apart from being great fun, swinging helps develop children’s agility, balance and coordination as well as their spatial awareness. Swings also encourage social interaction, whether it's relaxing on the bird's nest seat, or working as a team using swinging body motion to get the CocoWave rope to fly through the air, or the cooperation of carer or older sibling with a toddler on the You & Me seat.

Swings are great for all abilities and all ages to enjoy and are suitable for any playground environment regardless of whether it is in a country park, school playground, campsite or shopping centre.


Types of Swing

A-Frame Swings

There are plenty of options for you to choose from with A-Frames, including: type of swing seat, different colours, standard or anti-wrap suspension, galvanised or stainless steel swing seat chains and steel inground or surface mounted. You can choose between two frame styles:

Portal Frames - have a stylish look with a powder-coated frame and galvanised top bar. Swing frame height options: 2m, 2.5m or 3m
Classic Frames - traditional A-frame swing appearance, available in steel, pine, hardwood. Swing frame height options: 2m or 2.5m
Robinia Frames - the shape of the organic robinia wood is perfect for a natural environment. Swing frame height options: 2.5m

CocoWave Swing

Choose from steel or hardwood robinia. The CocoWave swing is pure thrill and fun!

Single Seat Toddler Swings

Available in steel or hardwood robinia the toddler swing is a one-seat hammock swing, giving 1-4 year olds the opportunity to swing without adult assistance.

Need advice?

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