Toddler Equipment

Toddlers spend a huge portion of their time discovering the world through play. Playground environments play a major role in facilitating this exploration, especially regarding how toddlers discover their own effect on the world and others. Due to this, creating a toddler playground and finding effective play equipment for toddlers is fundamental to building both motor skills and key soft skills which children take forward with them throughout life.

Explore our varied and exciting range of toddler play equipment below and find the perfect solution for your new playground space, contact our team and walk us through your project.

At KOMPAN, we specialise in producing research-driven playground equipment that provides both key development opportunities and grabs the attention of the children using it. It’s this balance that makes the difference between an average play environment and an exceptional one, which is why our toddler play equipment is crafted with this philosophy in mind.

Ranging from swings and springers to thematic play structures, our toddler play range can cater to almost any taste or need, helping your playground to entice and appeal to everyone. Our playful and colourful designs invite the children to take part in dramatic and cooperative play, helping to develop key social skills that translate into adulthood. Alongside this, our toddler-friendly climbing equipment promotes both fine and gross motor skill development, quickly helping young minds become accustomed to what their body can do and how they can command it.

With many aspects of child development, basic skills are introduced at an early age and refined over time. Our goal is to facilitate child achievement and attainment by providing toddlers with fun and engaging play equipment that doesn’t just engage and excite but helps introduce these basic skills and begin the refining process. Through this, it's easy to create a toddler-friendly playground that has long-term benefits as well as short-term gains.

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