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Natural Playground Sets & Equipment - Nature Play By KOMPAN

Natural playground equipment is one of the most effective child development tools that playground designers can utilise. Innately durable and long-lasting, wooden playground equipment strikes a brilliant balance between sturdiness and learning potential, providing children with multiple different learning and engagement opportunities at once. At Kompan, our range of natural playground equipment is built upon 50 years of research and experience, enabling us to continually improve and perfect our nature play designs.

Why choose a natural playground?

There are many benefits of a natural playground. Not only do nature based playgrounds look great, but they also fit in with their surroundings, ideal for greann spaces and parks that don't want to impact the surroundign landscape. Natural playground equipment can also be used in conjunction with what is already on the site, including natural play structures such as:

  • Rocks and boulders

  • Trees and tree stumps

  • Loose materials

  • Digging spaces

  • Water features

  • Natural shelters

  • Small hills, mounds or berms

  • Sensory gardens

Whatever the goal or theme of your nature based playground, natural playground equipment is not only likely to fit in, it’s sure to offer additional benefits and entice children of all ages. Explore our range of themed and traditional wooden playground equipment below, or get in touch with our team for more information.

What are the benefits of a natural playground?

There are many benefits to installing a nature based playground, with mental and physical stimulation bein the main two. They are also ideal for sites that need to be in keping with their surroundings, such as nature woodlands, parks, and other green spaces.

From a cognitive perspective, nature play and natural playgrounds allow young minds to become accustomed to the unusual, rough textures of nature, offering a host of benefits and advantages. Children are able to build a positive association with nature, built from the positive experience they have of playing and engaging with wood, soil and other natural playground surfaces. This is the best way to transition a love of nature into adulthood.

Additionally, nature play encourages children to step out of their comfort zone and engage with textures and objects that they have never come across before. This willingness to discover new things is incredibly beneficial, helping boost attainment within school alongside creating positive habits and behaviours that stay with you into adulthood.

Physical benefits of nature playgrounds

There are also physical advantages. The natural versatility of wood makes a brilliant playground equipment material, and our vast range can cater for all manner of physical challenges.

From obstacle courses and springers to natural playground climbers and commercial wooden swing sets, we have created wooden playground equipment that covers all major ranges. Each of these options permits different physical development opportunities, allowing children to practice both fine and gross motor skills depending on the specific playground equipment in question.

Through this, it’s possible to combine nature’s innate cognitive benefits with the physical development strengths offered by other playground equipment designs.

KOMPAN Craftsmanship

With a growing demand for strong and durable hardwood, KOMPAN have a factory exclusively dedicated to products made of Robinia wood. This ensures we always work with the best materials and have full control over production to deliver the highest quality to our customers

On all Robinia nature play structures you can choose your finish:


Untreated - The unpreserved wood will patina over time blending in with the surroundings


Brown Pigment - Maintain the glow of the original robinia


Painted - The colourful choice for a unique play solution


Key Facts about our Nature Play Robinia range

  • Organic, environmentally friendly and can be FSC certified
  • Naturally occurring preservatives make it resistant to rot, humidity and water
  • Low levels of fabrication give posts natural winding curves and bends
  • Native European wood that is naturally strong and durable
  • Built to last with up to 15 years warranty

Need advice?

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