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Castle, Medium

The awesome Castle adds a regal touch to the playground, attracting young knights and princesses again and again. With its great distribution of ground level and elevated play options, the Castle allows for a range of ages playing together and invites the whole family. To the front, the Castle has three great, varied climbing entrances, all training balance, coordination and muscles. The ground level offers play dens, barred windows and cannons to stimulate dramatic play. This stimulates children's language and social skills, when they negotiate play scenarios. On the courtyard side, the Castle opens with bridge and net. The banister bars and slide add thrill to the play experience and in each their way train sense of balance and space. These motor skills are necessary to navigate the surroundings, e.g. traffic, securely.

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Product number: NRO422

Art: Robinia Castles

Series: Nature Play



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