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Pirate Ship, Large

The enormous Pirate ship is a magnet for children's play, attracting play again and again with its immensely varied play offering, above and below deck. The boarding options are endless, with planks that can be climbed vertically, nets and climbing cleats. This all trains cross-coordination and muscles. The many manipulative activities: binoculars, cannons, the wheel stimulate tactillty and fine motor skills and inspire hours of dramatic play. Apart from being great fun, it supports children's cognitive development and social-emotional skills. In addition to dramatic play, children develop their physical skills. Once up on deck, the children can take more ways across or down. The slide tickles the stomach and adds thrill. Additionally, it trains children's sense of space. So the play items provide huge benefits.

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Product number: NRO544

Art: Robinia Ships

Series: Nature Play



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