Pirate Ship, X-large

Pirate Ship, X-large

The stunning, XL Pirate ship attracts children from afar. The density of varied, fun play opportunities with tons of different climbing options, great views and fun slides make for a magnet for children’s play, again and again. The routes to the decks vary. And from both decks swaying, see-through net bridges offer an exhilarating climb to the mid-mast destination. Apart from being fun, the richly varied climb elements intensely train children’s cross-coordination, proprioception and balance. Climbing swaying nets, solid climbing walls and inclined net bridges that bounce back movements is great muscle training. The heights build self confidence, as children venture onto nets, with a little help from their friends. Under decks, nice meeting points offer a break and a place to socialize and think out the next move.

Colour options:

KOMPAN X Large Pirate Ship



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Product number: 
Age group: 
Dimensions LxWxH: 
1740 x 824 x 800 cm
Key User Group: 
4 - 12
Play capacity (users): 

Robinia wood: 
15 years
Stainless steel slide: 
10 years
Corocord rope: 
10 years
2 years
Spare parts guaranteed: 
10 years


EN1176 approved
Max. fall height:
300.00 cm
Safety surfacing area:
172.20 m2
Number of installers:
Anchoring options:
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Joy of movement:
Motor skills, muscle, cardio and bone density


Joy of movement:
Curiosity, understanding of causal relationships and knowledge og the world


Joy of movement:
Teamwork, tolerance and sense of belonging


Joy of movement:
Co-creation and experimenting with materials

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