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Organic Robinia

This now iconic range of playground equipment is versatile, attractive and loved by all. Made from one of the world’s most popular hardwoods, our range of Robinia equipment encourages children to engage with nature whilst simultaneously capturing their imagination, transporting young minds to new and incredible places. Coming in all shapes and sizes, from themed castles to trim trails, the Robinia range can add something new to any playground in any setting.

Why Choose Robinia?

  • Organic, environmentally friendly and can be FSC certified
  • Naturally occurring preservatives make it resistant to rot, humidity and water
  • Low levels of fabrication give posts natural winding curves and bends
  • Native European wood that is naturally strong and durable
  • Built to last with up to 15 years warranty

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What Robinia Equipment is available?

Our Robinia range is continuously evolving with it's increasing popularity, in 2017 castles and ships were added, perfect for a stand out destination playground in your local community. Popular play activities such as swinging, sliding, climbing, themed play and balancing are all catered for in the Robinia product range. Explore some of the most popular below.


With a growing demand for strong and durable hardwood, KOMPAN have a factory exclusively dedicated to products made of Robinia wood. This ensures we always work with the best materials and have full control over production to deliver the highest quality to our customers

On all Robinia products, you can choose your finish:


Untreated - The unpreserved wood will patina over time blending in with the surroundings


Brown Pigment - Maintain the glow of the original robinia


Painted - The colourful choice for a unique play solution

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