Marrying art to play

BLOQX is like no other playground element. It combines the test of a moving round and over a geometrical puzzle, with a challenging climb. The reward for getting the ascent right is reflective time inside one of the elevated cubes. Perhaps more than any other single product, BLOQX displays the link between play and art. BLOQX is a favoured part of many architectural and landscape projects. 

The BLOQX system breaks numerous playground stereotypes. No slides, no spinning elements, just a chance to go on board, to make your way round, through and over a metal maze. It breaks more than stereotypes. The system’s target audience is children who are traditionally hard to entertain or impress, the tweens and teens. It’s a real stimulator of physical development and muscle strength. Sparks creative and logical thinking when finding new ways around the structure.



A massive climbing landscape is created out of these 6 modules. Bouldering routes in and out of angles and corners, under flying modules and maybe changing sides on the way, provide a number of extreme climbing challenges. From the top the most complex route leads downward. Only by feeling your...


By combing two climbing elements, different climbing angles appear where the climber can use grips placed on opposite sides and find foothold in corners. This can make the climbing easier for the beginner, but can also open up new challenges for the advanced climber, who can choose to use e.g...



The third module is where things get really dramatic. A flying module is added to the two coupled modules, offering a number of totally new and exciting climbing routes. Not only is the airborne module much higher and more difficult to access, there are also tricky bouldering routes around the



Three groundlevel attached modules and two flying BLOQX create an exciting climbing landscape. The bouldering routes are both long and challenging, especially every time the climber has to overcome the climb under a flying module. Only true climbing experts can master to reach the top module from a...



A diverse bouldering route around the structure with a lot of critical spots to overcome, several great places for hanging-out and a challenging top to mount with a fine overview as reward i characterizes the Quatro BLOQX. The structure provides climbing for large numbers of climbers and offers at




The iconic, geometric shaped BLOQX™ 1 encourages climbing and meeting particularly for teenagers and older children. With its sculptural look and professional climbing grips, BLOQX™ invites scalable climbing challenges and games. The design allows room for socializing and exchange with its ridges and


BLOQX differs from other playgrounds in its colourisation – the pentagon shapes are in a single colour, but like a paint chart, the sides can be toned versions of the dominant colour.

Outdoor play is one of the best and most valuable forms of development activity. The events of 2020 have underlined just what it means to be without it. If there are any positives from the global lockdown it is in the realisation of what it means to get out and enjoy life and the importance of fresh air in terms of basic health. The value of the playground has never been so understood.

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Can BLOQX be incorporated into any playground?

Yes, but in honesty it is so distinct that, like a jewel, needs to be in a proper setting.

How do you ever decide on the format?

You decide on the location and number of cubes and the Design team calculate how the BLOQX will best combine to be most effective.

How high can BLOQX go?

It can go up to three meters. Who are good play mates to BLOQX? BLOQX works fantastic nest to transparent products like GALAXY.

Need advice?

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