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The Keep Outer Gate with Roof & Track Ride

Themed play just got even better with this great “Keep Outer Gate” Castle. Varied play activities on ground level and elevated level allows everyone to play together. The manipulative and interactive components like the cannons, treasure box, castle door, jail window and slime door ensure endless hours of creative and imaginative play, supporting children’s social/emotional and cognitive/creative development. In addition, these tactile activities support children’s fine motor skills without knowing about it, as they are just having fun. Other activities make sure children’s physical development is supported too, when climbing up the net climber, inclined climbing wall, sliding down or trying the Track Ride which allows for the weightless feeling of gliding at the speed, you can make, through the air.


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Product number: PCM212400

Art: Castles

Series: Play Systems

4 - 12


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