Pontefract Castle, Wakefield

Pontefract Castle is a place of family-friendly adventure, with its wide open spaces in which to play and fascinating ruins to investigate. 

the brief

Initial discussions with Historic England established that the play area should be castle themed in Robinia with no garish colours. It should fit into the footprint indicated and digging into the slope, where there is a high risk of archaeological finds, should be kept to a minimum where possible.

Once completed, the proposed play area would offer a well-rounded play experience, incorporating interesting, challenging and engaging play opportunities. All the major play movements of climbing, swinging, sliding, traversing, spinning, rocking and rotating elements should be included.

Completed site photo 9.jpg


Project Overview

Location: Pontefract, England

Date of Installation: October 2019

Age Group: 4+

Product Range: Robinia

Project Value: £70,000





The Result:

KOMPAN supplied, installed and completed the project successfully and within the agreed timescales for the council and the castle, allowing them to plan their official unveiling to the public. Our installation team worked with due care when constructing the play area and play equipment – fulfilling all the sensitive requirements, set out by Historic England in regards to excavations and spoil.

Site challenges were met and overcome through regular and consistent communication. Both client and customer were very impressed and excited to have the new play space open.

Completed site photo 5.jpgCompleted site photo 10.jpgCompleted site photo 3.jpg 

This was a very exciting project for the council and people of Pontefract, as part of our decision to invest in creating a new play provision for the site. We were determined to create a unique, challenging experience to attract regular and new visitors to the site and I am delighted to say KOMPAN achieved this with ease, initially with their tender return then work- ing with us through design chang- es through a difficult installation/construction detail. Nothing was never a problem and communication was great – we even got daily update photos so we could share on our media plat- forms. I look forward to working with KOMPAN again in the future.


Merrill Diplock  

Project Development Manager, Wakefield Council

Pontefract Castle, Wakefield

Pontefract Castle, Wakefield WF8 1QH, England