Raise Children’s Fitness Levels With Outdoor Fitness Equipment For Schools

Published 28/11/18


With reports hitting headlines on an almost daily basis, it seems that we cannot escape the news of the UK’s childhood obesity epidemic, or how parents and schools need to work together to tackle it. The importance of diet and exercise for young people especially has never been more apparent, and here at Kompan, we are wholeheartedly behind getting children moving and leading more active lives.

It is reported that almost a third of all children in the UK are now either overweight or obese. With the right dietary information, access to play and outdoor fitness equipment, a real lifestyle change can be made for these children and generations beyond.

One of the ways in which many schools and learning authorities are trying to help confront this issue for the children under their care is through increasing the levels of outdoor play and fitness engagement. We work with schools to provide everything they need to help encourage kids of all ages to be happier and healthier.

Get to Know: Outdoor Fitness Equipment for Schools

Our playground and fitness equipment ranges are designed to enable active learning. Providing everything from swings, playhouses and slides through to climbing structures, nets, balance and movement and our Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA)’s, we can help schools encourage and develop a child’s sense of play and fitness simultaneously.

Basic Playground Equipment

For younger children, basic playground equipment such as swings, slides and playhouses encourage the next generation to play alongside each other, use their imagination and be more active when outdoors. This is a great way of normalising outdoor play from a younger age, paving the way for more engaging sporting and fitness activities as they grow.

More Advanced Playground Equipment

As children grow and develop, the outdoor fitness equipment they are exposed to needs to appeal to their sense of motion and adventure, challenging them in the same way as their education does within the school walls.

Climbing structures and nets along with balancing and movement structures are the ideal solution for growing children moving towards a more active lifestyle.

Multi-Use Games Areas

The ability to get involved in a wide range of sports is essential for children when they are doing most of their physical and mental development – at school. Our Multi Use Games Areas (MUGAs) are designed to be the ultimate outdoor fitness experience for schools, providing a dedicated space that is suitable for a multitude of different sporting activities - such as football, basketball, hockey, tennis, and badminton – all in one handy multi-discipline space. The MUGA is especially beneficial in urban areas where outdoor space is limited.

MUGAs are designed to deal with a high volume of both activities and participants without unnecessary conflict, and teachers often speak highly of the impact that a multi-use games area has on pupils’ concentration and ability to learn.

The MUGA is highly durable and is manufactured using easy to maintain materials that are vandalism-resistant. All of this makes them ideal for use in schools. What’s more, they are designed to be inclusive thanks to the wheelchair access provided.

What the MUGA Offers Schools

The flexible approach to outdoor fitness equipment brought into schools through the use of a MUGA gives over 40,000 design options to really enhance the available space and provide the very best outdoor facilities possible for students. Being able to configure size, style, materials, colours and even the range of activities on offer means that schools are much more in control of what pupils are doing during structured physical education lessons and in play.

By having a dedicated area specifically utilised for team sports, schools are seeing their students working together productively as individuals and together in groups. Enabling active learning in this way is crucial for a number of reasons, including:

  • Increased focus, concentration and cognitive ability
  • Improved attendance at school
  • Improved memory
  • Improved attainment with work and homework produced
  • Improved grades in academic subjects
  • Increased activity levels lead to improved fitness
  • Improved mood for those involved in more physical activity

Why Physical Activity and Education Go Hand in Hand

Just like education is a workout for the brain, physical exercise is a workout for the body. By introducing a higher level of physical activity to a child’s routine, the more likely they are to maintain these healthy habits as they move towards adulthood.

More than just losing weight and improving physical health, getting involved in sports can help to improve mental health, encourage and strengthen interpersonal relationships between peers and also stimulate healthy muscle and organ development.

Just 30 minutes of exercise per day can mean the difference between a healthy, happy child and one who struggles to focus within the school environment.

Outdoor Fitness Equipment to Suit Your Needs

Research shows that many people, especially youngsters, love to play sports but are often held back by a lack of outdoor fitness equipment and suitable facilities. Outside of access to club sports, having the means to get involved in the school environment means that more children can get stuck into a sport that they love at a convenient time. With a multi-use games area, you can provide students with the means to better their physical and mental health in one fell swoop. Choose a MUGA by design or size dependant on available space and play value.

Outdoor fitness is not a new concept but it is one that is growing in popularity and is just as prevalent in businesses as it is in schools. As the world we live in edges closer to one that is green, eco-friendly and health-orientated, any means of improving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is welcomed by all. By making play fun and exciting, it removes barriers and makes this lifestyle much more achievable for all.

Utilising outdoor fitness equipment in the school environment is one of the quickest and easiest ways to really make an impact in the lives of young people, where it matters most. With Kompan, you can. Want to know more? Give us a call on 01908 201 002 today.

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