Real Outdoor Fitness Solutions

Let’s fill our public spaces with fitness equipment that’s fit for the job

Over the past 10 years, customers have purchased outdoor gyms with the best intentions - to promote public health and to encourage people to be more active. If we look at many of today’s outdoor gyms, we see some that are used but many stand empty and unused.

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Join us in Fighting Ineffective Fitness Together. It’s not a workout if it doesn’t work.

What is Ineffective Fitness?

"Ineffective Fitness” is equipment with the same appearance as indoor fitness kit, but which offers no benefits to fitness – the best you can achieve is a light intensity workout. For cardio training to be beneficial, the intensity should be at moderate intensity (more than 50% of the maximum heart rate) or higher. Ineffective Fitness kit can’t offer this, but KOMPAN fitness equipment can.

KOMPAN provide REAL outdoor fitness solutions

KOMPAN uses science, with testing in exercise laboratories, and on site testing to verify that we create equipment which is equally as good as or better than what we know from indoor fitness, and with the durability to withstand all the challenges of an outdoor environment. 

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The KOMPAN Fitness Institute

At KOMPAN, we take great pride in designing and testing our products so they actually have the physiological effects that are associated with the benefits of doing exercise. Take our new cross trainer, we took it into the laboratory where we tested it with scientific methods. We measured heart rate and oxygen intake, all the way from low intensity to very high intensity, plus we stress tested the equipment for resistance to vandalism.


The KOMPAN Fitness Institute Experts


Morten Zacho

Senior Manager, KOMPAN Fitness Institute

Morten is Teaching Associate Professor at the University of Southern Denmark in the Department of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics. He also manages the KOMPAN Fitness Institute with great focus on implementing knowledge, trends, scientific research and functional tests in the innovation of new outdoor fitness. Previously, Morten has worked at international recognized research institutions and has co-authorship on 17 peer-reviewed scientific publications.


Rob Boogmans

Sales Director, KOMPAN Fitness

Rob is educated as Physical Therapist and Personal Trainer, and he has more than 20 years of experience in fitness. In 2008 he founded Standing-Strong Outdoor Fitness, the first company to introduce adjustable and functional training in the outdoor environment. By 2010 Standing-Strong was market leader and in 2014 Standing-Strong was taken over by KOMPAN and in 2015 Rob Boogmans joined KOMPAN to start the KOMPAN Fitness Institute and develop the new outdoor fitness product lines. 

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Real Outdoor Fitness Solutions

New KOMPAN Outdoor Fitness App

Free of charge, easy to download, and simple to use

The new KOMPAN Outdoor Fitness app is here to help you get started and act as a digital personal trainer. 

  • Details on equipment and available exercises
  • Choose a pre-defined workout to achieve your goals
  • Send us the details to help you activate the site

Specially designed for the users of KOMPAN outdoor fitness, it requires no sign-up, and makes getting started quick and easy. The simple user interface makes it an easy app to navigate - finding exercises, video demonstrations, and workouts for different needs and goals.

Available to download today from the AppStore or Google Play.

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