KOMPAN's Recommend a Friend Offer 2018



How does the 'Recommend a Friend' offer work?


Know someone that is looking to build or add to their school playground? Recommend them and when they buy a play, sport or fitness area from KOMPAN worth over £13,000 that meets the entry criteria (see terms and conditions), you can share £1,000 worth of vouchers. This means your friend receives £500 off their new playground quote and you receive £500 off new KOMPAN kit, spares or maintenance contracts.

Read the full entry criteria and terms and conditions here.


More than one friend? Get more than one Voucher!


What's better than a £500 KOMPAN voucher? Two £500 vouchers! If you have more than one friend looking to build or add to their school playgrounds, make sure you recommend them all as the vouchers you get for recommending someone can be added together and stacked for bigger discounts. Meaning you can save more off new KOMPAN equipment, spares or maintenance contracts, remember though your vouchers are only valid for 12 months from when your friend purchases from KOMPAN.


Overview of the Process:






Recommend a Friend


What could your new space look like?

Last summer KOMPAN created a fantastic new school playground, developing their space into something special that the students could enjoy. Built during the summer holidays we captured some fantastic moments as the returning students got to play on their new equipment for the first time! This incredible space is great for inspiration, showcasing play for a range of ages and abilities on a variety of equipment.