Redbridge Primary School

The school wanted to attract parents and children to the school by creating ‘curb appeal’, installing a new piece of equipment that people would see from the street. Having seen the same style unit at another nearby school Cleveland Road Primary School and how successful it had been with students and parents, they knew they wanted something similar.

Project Brief:

The school has large outdoor grounds and students used to run across the fields, so they wanted to create a zone for the younger pupils to enjoy extremely challenging equipment. Other schools in the borough had a similar set-up with small low level equipment, so the school wanted a large statement piece that would challenge the students, create ‘curb appeal’ and also could support the physical needs of some of the autistic children at the school.


Project Overview

Location: Ilford, London

Date of Installation: Summer 2017

Age Group: EYFS and SEN

Product Range: Nature

Project Value: £29,000





The Result:

With 8 to 10 children active at a time on the structure, the new installation has been a great success increasing the amount the students exercise and helping with their behaviour. The students with autism have really benefited from the installation as they have grown physically stronger since the unit was installed.


“It was good working with KOMPAN as they fully understood our requirement and the equipment has helped us keep the children excerising and challenged."


Louisa Lawrence, Head of Early Years

Redbridge Primary School

Redbridge Primary School

Greater London, London , England