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Kompan Commercial Systems is a leading pan-European play equipment manufacturer for the retail industry. Active in 34 countries, we think, build, assemble and care of your play equipment helping the retail industry create a better brand loyalty. Go to KOMPAN Commercial systems.

Why Should All Restaurants Invest In Play Equipment? 

Increase Your Amount Of Customers

Outdoor playground equipment for children creates a family-friendly environment. If you own a restaurant, the aim should always be to increase sales. Attract new customers by creating an inclusive space kids and adults will both enjoy. By providing a play space for the younger children you can ensure they have fun, whilst the parents have a moment to their selves.

If your restaurant appeals to children, parents are more likely to want to check out your establishment. For families, an on-site play area is an essential aspect of restaurants. 

Investing in an exciting, vibrant, and imaginative playground design makes children excited about the play. This results in returning customers, as they know their children love this particular playground, providing them with a relaxing meal and drink. 

Stand Out In Your Industry

For families with younger children, often need to visit family-friendly restaurants. This is because restaurants with playgrounds offer spaces where kids can enjoy themselves and have fun. If your business offers a play area, while your competitors don’t, this makes your business different and gives you a unique selling point.


Play Equipment Design For Restaurants | KOMPAN Commercial Systems

Create A Positive Environment

By creating a child-friendly environment for families encourages them to visit your business. It also makes them comfortable staying longer, which increases purchases and helps you improve the customer experience. 

If you own a restaurant, a big market will be hosting birthday parties. Children’s parties especially can be very profitable. Investing in fun playground equipment makes your restaurant a more exciting choice. Children and their parents will want to host their party at your business as it’s a family-friendly option with a playground that makes you stand out compared to competitors.


KOMPAN Design Studio


Through the expertise of dedicated experts in KOMPAN Design Studio, KOMPAN helps to transform your wildest imagination into playmazing landmarks that just make people say - wow! Making your restaurants stand out from the rest!