Riverside Intermediate School, USA

A valuable addition to Riverside

A valuable addition to Riverside

Before working with KOMPAN, Riverside Intermediate School in Indiana had plenty of sports areas where the children could compete against each other, but zero playgrounds for more social play. The choice quickly landed on KOMPAN because of its innovative design and many options - like sensory play, and inclusiveness.

The school serves children with disabilities and special needs, and the new playground had been the reason why some of these children have been included in the play. After only a short amount of time everyone agrees – they are not done building KOMPAN playgrounds! 


A place for fun !

A place for fun !

The playground is built up of several features to make sure there is something for everyone. 

For example, the supernova is a great way to challenge your balance either by standing or by sitting on the rotating slanting ring. Multiple children can play at the same time, making it perfect for group playing and friend building. 

The swings are a great hit amongst the children. The combination of three different types makes it possible to engage with each other, even if a child is swinging alone, the combo makes them a part of the fun anyway. Swinging evolves the children’s ABC: agility, balance, and coordination as well as their spatial awareness.

The parkour track is a great way to train balance and coordination, and physical play makes the children ready for class after their outdoor break. 









It really facilitates making new friendships, building those relationships, and those kids who are a little slower to warm up, a little slower to get involved and feel comfortable enough to reach out to other kids have a place they can go rather than sit and be isolated.


Amy Samuelson

Parent-Teacher Organisation