School Budgets

To help schools understand how much a playground will cost, the KOMPAN Education team have got together and organised some of our case studies by project cost. This means that if you are looking at creating a new outdoor space, you can get a feel for how much it will cost and what you can get within your budget. Check out some of the projects below we have delivered:


                          budgets < £10k

Our products under £10,000 ensured our clients got the most out of your budget, offering equipment that has been purposely designed to provide the most play, fitness and fun as possible without breaking the bank. Each project supported the development of different age ranges and abilities, from toddler areas that support development with sensory challenges through to the Agility Trail that involves, climbing, jumping and balancing. We can create a space to support you and your students' needs.



               budgets < £25k

A mid-range budget means you can add more equipment (or larger pieces) to increase; the variety of challenges, the user capacity, and the amount of fun! With up to lifetime warranties on KOMPAN equipment, you are investing in a fantastic long-term solution that can be enjoyed now and for many years to come. This variety can be provided in different ways, for example at St Marks we utilised two pieces of climbing equipment (one rope and one steel) to offer different styles of movement whilst at University of Sussex we provided a boot camp unit that can be used to provide scalable training. 





With this budget you can start creating multiple areas, you will see in the examples below such as St Giles and St Georges where we built multiple hubs of play across their school. This allowed us to provide age-appropriate challenges for the different year groups, with a role-playing area for the early years students and physical challenges for the KS1 and KS2 children. 




             budgets > £45k

All of our packages are built with the philosophy to wow, stay and develop. We want to wow people when they see the equipment, make it so much fun they want to stay, and offer challenges so they can develop. At this price range, you can support students of all ages and abilities and really see this philosophy come alive. Broad Heath is one of our favourite examples of this, the design is the embodiment of wow factor and the variation of challenges and social opportunities ensuring the students stay and develop. If you're not sure which one to click, check out Broad Heath as it has a fantastic video from the playground opening.