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School Playground Equipment - Helping to Build Healthier and Happier Schools

Schools don’t only teach children standard subjects like English, maths, science. Teachers help their students grow and progress their childhood development, from early years to year six. Primary schools should help children develop cognitive, physical, and social skills. School playground equipment plays a valuable role in helping children learn these skills and ensures that they benefit them throughout their lives.

At KOMPAN, our team understands how the best equipment can support children’s development. Playgrounds are essential building blocks to helping children develop both physically and mentally, with many other benefits of having a playground in a school. Playtime activities should be creative, innovative, and exciting. The best playgrounds are built for children to have fun taking part in activities that benefit them. They should also be inclusive of all needs. Our team has years of experience building playgrounds for special education schools, so we understand how children’s needs are all unique. We design all the playground equipment we provide to stimulate children’s minds, appeal aesthetically, and encourage physical activity through fascinating play opportunities.

We provide high-quality wooden playground equipment, playground furniture, and outdoor playground ewuipment to schools in the UK for all ages and needs. Our team offers an extensive range of playground equipment to primary schools, secondary schools, special education schools, universities, and early years schools. KOMPAN helps you to transform outdoor areas into creative, social spaces that offer innovation, excitement, and, most importantly, fun and education for all age groups.

Why Children Love our KOMPAN School Playground Equipment

Playground designs have evolved from when the first playground was created in Germany. The purpose of this first design was to teach children the ‘correct’ way to play. Over the years, playground equipment designs have progressed into the innovative creations KOMPAN’s team provides to schools today. We believe that there is no ‘correct’ way to play, unlike the first playground designers. Our designs provide multiple safe and exciting play opportunities that support children’s development, and adhere to the relevant safety standards and regulations.

The equipment should capture children’s imaginations. Our playground designs engage with children’s creativity to encourage them to play in a way that benefits their development. From creating interactions with their friends to the opportunity to conquer an awe-inspiring climbing frames, there are many reasons why children love our playground equipment. 

Well-designed play areas are like outdoor classrooms that support children’s social and physical development. Our playground equipment inspires children’s imaginations through innovative and exciting designs to enable students to learn through play. At KOMPAN, we offer a wide range of products including climbing frames, PE equipment for school playgrounds, and outdoor equipment that guarantees safety at great value for money, while being inclusive for all school ages and abilities.

Increasing Attendance

School children across the country have taken to the playgrounds KOMPAN provides. Their imaginations are drawn to the promise of unique play structures with various levels to create trails through as they explore. To kids in school, a playground is as much a social experience as it is about physical activity. Our playground equipment offers a social space for children, as well as unique and creative play equipment that encourages students to attend school so they don't miss out on the playground.

An Attractive School Environment

Children of all ages learn better in environments that they enjoy. Our KOMPAN outdoor playground equipment for schools can contribute to lesson plans to bring learning onto the playground. It is important, especially for primary schools, to offer playground equipment that encourages physical learning while providing mental stimulation as well. Our creative play equipment designs also provide an appealing school appearance for prospective parents and students.

Raising Pupil Attainment

Ensuring the health and safety of children who are using KOMPAN play equipment is one of our primary goals, that is why we provide safe playground flooring installation as standard. Having a safer playing environment encourages children to challenge themselves and attempt physical activities they may not have tried before. To build up children's self-confidence they must step out of their comfort zones through independent exploration. When a child plays on a climbing frame without help for the first time this gives them a sense of achievement for succeeding at something new.

Boosting Academic Achievement

Many studies have found a consistent link between the use of sports equipment and an improvement in educational achievements. Providing exciting and engaging outdoor play equipment for children allows them to relax and engage their creativity out of the classroom. Interesting and imaginative playground equipment helps children to improve their fitness while encouraging mental stimulation that can boost academic achievements.

Improving Student Attention

We are an experienced business especially when it comes to supplying school playgrounds. This means we understand that providing opportunities for play and physical activity has a positive impact on classroom behaviour. When children are allowed to play games in the playground this can increase their attention span in class directly afterwards. At KOMPAN we ensure this happens by designing each of our products so students can get the most out of their freedom to play across all child development areas.

School Climbing Frame

As a market-leader for school playground equipment, it's no surprise that we have a large range of climbing equipment, nets, and trim trails for schools. A school climbing frame acts not only as a social meeting point for students but also helps to engage their cross-coordination and turn-taking skills, as well as being a great source of fun. 


What equipment is needed for a school playground?

No matter the size of your playground, KOMPAN will have equipment to suite space and budget. Of course, budget plays a big part in what equipment you can purhchase, but overall the only equipment needed for a playground is something that will encourage students to move, interact, turn take, and use their cognitive schools. This could be something as simple as a trim trail, or more advanced such as a tower unit or climbing net or BLOQX piece.

What is the most popular school playground equipment?

Everyone has their favourite piece of playground equipment, and schools tend to favour climbing equipment such as Corocord climbing nets, agility trails, and BLOQX pieces. That said, there are also a lot of freestanding pieces that are popular for schools, like the Supernova, spinning bowl, and of course more classic equipment such as slides and swings.

Why do schools need more playground equipment?

30 years ago a school playground in the UK was a slab of tarmac with some painted lines to entertain more traditional games such as 'tag' and 'British Bulldog'. Break times would rely heavily on the imagination of the children rather than being an offering of inspiration. Schools need more playground equipment these days to entertain, inspire, and of course to cater for a broad range of abilities, both physical and cognitive. 

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Our School Playgrounds Offer Great Value For Money

The playground designers at KOMPAN focus on how the equipment benefits children throughout every aspect of the design process. We aim to create equipment that offers multiple play opportunities across the design. Our climbing frames not only help children’s physical development but encourage social interaction and help build students’ self-esteem and problem-solving skills.

Investing in KOMPAN’s school playground equipment provides structures that feature many unique play opportunities. You can also choose equipment that’s tailored to specific age groups, abilities, and special educational needs. Working with our team gives schools value for money while ensuring the equipment is safe, beneficial, and fun for all children.

A key part of KOMPAN's business that has helped establish and maintain our market-leader position is our work with the KOMPAN Play Institute. At the KOMPAN Play Institute, we work alongside expert researchers and scientists to conduct in-depth studies into children’s health, learning, social inclusion, and development. This is one example of how our dedicated and passionate team is always monitoring the latest trends so we can provide the best service and product possible to your school and students.  


45 Years of Experience Creating Outdoor Playground Equipment for Schools

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should playground equipment be inspected?

If your playground equipment has moving parts, then you should conduct a playground inspection every three months. Any faults should be fixed as soon as they’re discovered.

Does Kompan offer any guarantees on our playground equipment?

Yes. At Kompan, we offer industry-leading warranties with agreements differing between parts and materials. Explore our complete range of warranties here for more information.

Can I order spare parts?

Yes, at KOMPAN we offer a variety of high-quality spare parts. Whether you know the part number or product number or need help identifying what you need, order from our team today here.

What is the most popular playground equipment?

Slides and swings are two of the most popular playground equipment choices for schools. The best option depends on your school, students, and outdoor space. Discuss what playground equipment is right for you with someone from our friendly team today.

How much does school playground equipment cost?

How much playground equipment may cost depends on your budget. At KOMPAN, we provide designs for under 10K up to 25K. Whether you want a brand-new bespoke structure or an existing high-quality design, there is an affordable option available for your school from KOMPAN.


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Toddler Playground

Our playground equipment has been specially designed to help practitioners provide outdoor learning environments which enable children to develop and create positive relationships with others and the world around them. The aim is to support the 7 pillars of EYFS learning and development, outdoors in the playground.

Primary School Playground

We have been working with schools to help boost attendance, attention and attainment by installing unique and engaging playground equipment. Our school playground solutions offer challenging and creative learning through play to boost curriculum outcomes.

Secondary Schooly Playground

At KOMPAN we have proven that the right outdoor opportunities, designed in the right way, are still a well-rounded way for secondary school children to hang out together, show off and get fit. We offer unique, play, sports and fitness solutions. From classic multi-use games areas to an innovative fitness items.

Special Education Play Area

KOMPAN, Discover how inclusive playground design will allow children with wide-ranging abilities to play together and learn through a medium which they all understand…play. Outdoor play is not only vital for children with special needs to develop their health, but it also offers opportunities for positive learning.

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