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Schools are now expected to teach children life skills in addition to academic skills. Kompan are proud providers of quality school playground equipment across the UK that achieve this goal. We can help develop nursery, primary school, and university outdoor areas into creative, social spaces that offer innovation, excitement, and most importantly fun for all age groups. 

Here at KOMPAN, we provide high-quality playground equipment to schools for all ages and needs. This includes; primary schools, secondary schools, special education schools, universities, and early years.  We help to transform outdoor areas into creative, social spaces that offer innovation, excitement, and most importantly fun for all age groups. 

Our school playground products are especially beneficial for children in primary schools, as they are at an age that is vital for their social and educational development. Allowing them to be creative and search for new ways to play is a great way to improve social and physical skills.


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Why children love our KOMPAN school playground equipment

Well-designed play areas are like outdoor classrooms that help children’s social and physical development. This is why it’s important for playground equipment to inspire children’s imaginations through innovative and exciting designs.

At KOMPAN we offer this through a wide range of products including climbing frames, sports equipment, and outdoors play equipment that guarantees safety at great value for money while being inclusive for all school ages and abilities.

Increasing Attendance

Schoolchildren across the country have taken to the playgrounds KOMPAN provides. Their imaginations are drawn to the promise of unique play structures with various levels to create trails through as they explore. To kids in primary school, a playground is as much a social experience as it is about physical activity. Our playground equipment offers a social space for children, as well as unique and creative school play equipment that encourages kids to attend school so they don't miss out on the playground.

An Attractive School Environment

Children of all ages learn better in environments that they enjoy. Our KOMPAN outdoor playground equipment for schools can contribute to lesson plans to bring learning onto the playground. It is important, especially for primary schools, to offer playground equipment that encourages physical learning while providing mental stimulation as well. Our creative play equipment designs also provide an appealing school appearance for prospective parents and students.

Raising Pupil Attainment

Ensuring the health and safety of children who are using KOMPAN play equipment is one of our primary goals, that is why we provide safe playground flooring installation as standard. Having a safer playing environment encourages children to challenge themselves and attempt physical activities they may not have tried before. To build up children's self-confidence it is vital they step out of their comfort zones through independent exploration. When a child plays on a climbing frame without help for the first time this gives them a sense of achievement for succeeding at something new.

Boosting Academic Achievement

Many studies have found a consistent link between the use of sports equipment and an improvement in educational achievements. Providing exciting and engaging outdoor play equipment for children gives them an opportunity to relax and engage their creativity out of the classroom. Interesting and imaginative playground equipment helps children to improve their fitness while encouraging mental stimulation that can boost academic achievements.

Improving Student Attention

We are an experienced business especially when it comes to supplying school playground equipment. This means we understand that providing opportunities for play and physical activity has a positive impact on classroom behaviour. When children are allowed to play games in the playground this can increase their attention span in class directly afterwards. At KOMPAN we ensure this happens by designing each of our products so students are able to get the most out of their freedom to play across all child development areas.

Our school playgrounds offer value for money

A key part of KOMPAN's business that has helped establish and maintain its market-leader position is its work with the KOMPAN Play Institute. At the KOMPAN Play Institute, we work alongside expert researchers and scientists to conduct in-depth studies into health, learning, social inclusion, and child development. We are a business comprised of dedicated and passionate employees who monitor the latest market trends so we can provide the best service and product possible.

At KOMPAN, we don’t just install playgrounds. Our team of experts works alongside schools to develop a unique and innovating area of play from the ground up. Every play area is designed around what is best for the school and their student's needs. Each area is created uniquely so it provides different exciting activities that offer fun physical challenges for children that are also mentally stimulating.

World Health Organisation recommends that children above the age of 5 years are given the opportunity to train their motor skills, strength, and keep active. However, it is not always possible for kids to experience the right exercise only in their garden or the park. That is why having access to exciting playground equipment is vital so children are motivated to take part in physical activity.

We plan and design our play areas in a way that encourages social interaction. This is because important social skills, such as waiting for your turn, are easier to teach when you are in an outdoor play environment. The right school play equipment can support free, guided, and instructed play activities that provide a varied learning experience for children of all ages.

45 years experience creating playground equipment for schools

After having helped hundreds of schools get the most out of their outdoor space, we understand that every area has unique requirements. We offer bespoke outdoor play equipment for schools that meet your needs while remaining under budget. Our multifaceted team of play consultants, landscape designers, and other experts follow a specially developed KOMPAN planning process. Our design principals take into account how the school playground equipment will support your students, curriculum, space, surroundings, and activities. The finished result is a completely original, custom-designed playground solution that provides the greatest possible value for the school, outdoor space, and the students.


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Toddler Playground

Our playground equipment has been specially designed to help practitioners provide outdoor learning environments which enable children to develop and create positive relationships with others and the world around them. The aim is to support the 7 pillars of EYFS learning and development, outdoors in the playground.

Primary School Playground

We have been working with primary schools to help boost attendance, attention and attainment by installing unique and engaging playground equipment. Our school playground solutions offer challenging and creative learning through play to boost curriculum outcomes.

Secondary Schooly Playground

At KOMPAN we have proven that the right outdoor opportunities, designed in the right way, are still a well-rounded way for secondary school children to hang out together, show off and get fit. We offer unique, play, sports and fitness solutions. From classic multi-use games areas to an innovative fitness items.

Special Education Play Area

KOMPAN, Discover how inclusive playground design will allow children with wide-ranging abilities to play together and learn through a medium which they all understand…play. Outdoor play is not only vital for children with special needs to develop their health, but it also offers opportunities for positive learning.

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