With schools expected to cater for children’s life skills as well as their academic skills, KOMPAN operates across the UK, developing Nursery, School, and University outdoor areas into stimulating, fun and social spaces.

Well-designed play areas are learning fields for children’s social and physical development. So our comprehensive range of outdoor, educational school playground and sports equipment offer: compelling designs, high play value, uncompromising safety, unique innovation, long-lasting quality and great value for all school ages and abilities.

A key strength that has helped KOMPAN acquire and maintain its market-leader position, concerns the work of the KOMPAN Play Institute, comprising of dedicated and passionate employees, who share knowledge and best-practice, monitor the latest trends and conduct in-depth studies with researchers and scientists from a range of disciplines – Health, Learning, Social Inclusion and Child Development.

The World Health Organisation recommends that children above the age of 5 years train their motor skills and strength, so our age appropriate school play areas offer varied opportunities for physical activity to motivate children to be active in a fun way.

On top of that we plan our play areas to support social interaction, with teachers reporting that social skills such as waiting your turn are hard to teach but easy to understand when in an outdoor play environment. A School Playground meticulously planned to support free, guided and instructed play can offer all children a varied and motivating learning experience. The end result of this focused activity is innovative, inspiring and distinctive school playground solutions. 


45 Years experience creating playground equipment for schools

Having helped hundreds of schools get the most out of their outdoor spaces, we understand that every space has unique requirements. So we tailor our school playground equipment to meet your needs whilst staying in budget.Our multidisciplinary team of play consultants, landscape designers and other experts follow a specially developed KOMPAN planning process. The designs principles of which take into account how the playground equipment will support your students, curriculum, space, surroundings and activities.The result is a completely original, custom designed playground solution that provides the greatest possible value for the school, the outdoor space and the pupils.


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