Le Serpentin Playground in Paris

Playground honouring the architectural heritage

Playground honouring the architectural heritage

The residential building Le Serpentin twists like a snake around the 4-hectare park with a playground in the middle. When the park was up for renewal, landscape architects wanted to do something that would honour the architectural heritage of Le Serpentin. Together with KOMPAN, they did just that and designed a playground in vibrant colours and exciting shapes. It turned out truly eye-catching and in the spirit of Le Serpentin’s architect Émile Aillaud.

Located in one of Paris’ most densely populated areas, design demands of high quality and vandalism resistant materials were placed on the play area, making the playground a perfect combination of impressive design and high levels of functionality.


Fun for all ages

Fun for all ages

The unique and impressive play structures of the vibrant coloured loops, guarantee endless amounts of fun for people from kindergarten to college. The loops allow for many different physical activities such as climbing, balancing, sliding, jumping, and swinging - all important aspects of children’s physical development and with its transparent design parents can watch their children play from the comfort of their own homes. College students use the huge net surfaces of the loops to hang out and socialise with their friends.






It can accommodate college students, high school students and even kindergarteners

Didier Méreau

Landscape Director 

City of Pantin