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Inspirational Solutions

Are you wondering how to design your playground? What equipment to include, and how to combine it? We offer more than thousand products, all with different material, colour, functionality or purpose, so the options are many. And there are many things to consider, when designing a playground, but we would like to assist you.

To help you quickly get started with your design process, we suggest below solutions as inspiration. Different inspirational designs are presented to cover different settings, themes, play activities, mixed-age play, age-appropriate play, zoned play, sport and fitness activities.

You can use the solution designs as pure inspiration or as a starting point for your design – products can easily be added or removed to fit your location and needs.

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Playground Package 6

Total Package Price: £39,965 ex VAT This package is full of fun and exciting play activities, from sliding, climbing and swinging to role play, cause-and-effect learning and creative musical play. The organic shapes created by Robinia wood are perfect for bringing a more natural theme to any environment. New to 2019, the Theatre & Music Cottage is a great place for toddlers and preschool children to play with the musical elements or engage in role play with other children with the desk in the house. The CocoWave swing offers play opportunities for the whole family! The oblong rope bar encourages children to swing together and socialise. The more children on the rope bar, the faster the pace and the more exciting it gets. Getting the swing moving takes teamwork and requires that the children draw on social and communicative competences.

Inspire me

School Playground Magnet

Pirate Bay

Preschool Favourite

Kingdom and castle

Active Destination Area

Stay Fit

Urban Jungle

Train and Play

Playground Package 1

Playground Package 5

Forever fit

Robinia Castle

African Safari

Sports Centre

Playground Package 2

Seven Seas

Fairy Tales

Active Boardwalk

Space Travel

Gold Rush

Physical Challenge

Wild Jungle

Playground Package 4

Robinia Village

Traffic Centre

Toddlers Paradise

School Playground Multi Use Games Area

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