Special Education Needs School Playground Equipment

Bringing all abilities together with our Special Needs Playground Equipment

Discover how inclusive sen playground equipment and designs are enabling children with wide-ranging abilities to play together and learn through a shared medium which they all understand - play.

Outdoor play is not only vital for children with special needs to develop their health, but it also offers opportunities for positive learning environments and increased social inclusion. Our adapted SEN school playground equipment offers a safe environment for stimulating the senses, encouraging imaginative play and prolonged concentration while providing an inclusive space for group play with other children.

Why is special needs outdoor play equipment important?

Allowing children to move and explore with their bodies in a natural way is important for physical and cognitive development. Being outside helps to stimulate their senses and plays on their sensory devices to explore. Inclusive outdoor play equipment is important for children with special needs as it improves coordination, mobility, balance, and propriocrption.It's simple to understand why play is important for special needs children - because it makes them feel the same as any other child.

It’s important to us that our Special Education Needs school playground equipment and primary school playground equipment considers children of all abilities, helping every child to feel valued and included during play.

At KOMPAN, we work closely with schools, education centres and parents to build dedicated areas for safe, accessible and interactive play. Our Special needs outdoor playground equipment is designed to develop motor learning, stimulate children's senses and encourage socialisation.

There are many benefits of playgrounds in schools. Happy, healthy children lie at the core of our company values and our team endeavour to ensure that opportunities for social, stimulating and learning play are given to all, no matter their age or ability. Our goal is to ensure that no child is left behind on a KOMPAN playground.

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KOMPAN's 6 Principals for Universal and Inclusive Design

Our philosophy is that children of all ages and abilities have the right to play, so our products are designed to be:

Accessible – Dedicated inclusive play equipment that can be used by children of all ages and abilities as a group, with parents or solo.

Multifunctional – Our SEN play equipment offers plenty of benefits for children, from encouraging the development of motor skills to promoting socialisation and sustaining concentration.

360-Degree Design – Special Education Needs playground equipment that has been designed to facilitate play from all sides of the equipment.

Diverse Play Opportunities – Providing schools with playground equipment for Special Needs Children that engages the senses, promotes group play, brings imagination to life and most importantly, gives every child an opportunity to enjoy themselves.

Clear in Colour and Design Signals – Bright, attractive colours and clean, rounded designs offer Special Education Needs children a clear indication of safe areas to be aware of when play equipment is in use.

Providing Solutions for Special Needs – Choose from dedicated wheelchair-friendly SEN play equipment and autism-friendly interactive activities or talk to us about creating a comprehensive playground solution for your Special Education Needs students.



What Our Schools Say

We have worked with schools around the country to provide comprehensive solutions for individual SEN students to entire student bodies. Feedback has been consistently positive with teachers and staff reporting increased attention in class, fewer behavioural problems during lunch and all-around happier, more involved students.

Our experience allows us to work closely with schools in order to accommodate all abilities, regardless of age. This allows us to offer SEN children their own dedicated playground area to develop social, cognitive, behavioural and creative skills while ensuring it is safe for children of all capabilities to enjoy.

Invest in a Kompan SEN playground for your school today and ensure that no student gets left behind. Get in touch with one of our team today on 01908 201 002 for more information about our products and services or click here for your no-obligation, free quotation.